Steve and Lynn’s JOGLE 2016

Welcome to our blog. This blog records our first big adventure following the end of our working careers in 2016. Walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End is something Lynn has always wished to do. Steve always dreamt of other things until  about 10 years ago when Lynn told Steve it was his dream too.

Unfortunately for Steve the dream has now come true.

On Friday 13 May  – see, unlucky for some – we will start the walk from JOG after months of planning and drawing on our many years of backpacking experience.

We plan to follow a scenic route stitching together existing way marked footpaths and national trails. Walking an average of 16 miles a day, we aim to complete the 1,140 mile route in 71 days finishing on 22 July.

We are self supported carrying all our kit including a tent. We will mostly be using campsites and occasionally B&Bs. This was not Steve’s original desire which was to use B&Bs each night. Steve was mistaken.

Planning included a trip to Scotland in 2015 to recce the start of the route as we knew getting off to a good start in the first week would be important if we were to complete the challenge.

We learnt some useful lessons. We will be packing industrial strength insect repellant, which we are not optimistic will be of any use against the Scottish airforce, but we aim to put up a fight however futile.


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