Day 1 JOG to Wick

21.14 miles – 8 hours (actual walking 6hrs 35 mins) Pace 3.2 mph. Camped – Wick camping and caravan site.

Our last lie in this morning waiting for the first bus to JOG. Set off from JOG at the same time a group of 18 Firefighters from Oxfordshire. Very cold in the wind, wooly hat and gloves required. After the ‘Stacks of Duncansby’ the route was on main roads due to no footpaths along the coast. After the cold start the sun came out in time for our picnic lunch. The most unusual site of the day was when we passed a North Sea pipeline under construction before being floated out to sea which must have been several miles long laid out inland as far as the eye could see.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 JOG to Wick”

  1. A very fresh looking scenery, looks cold indeed. We hope all is fairing well and the itchy snarlies are being sufficiently deterred by your industrial strength incent repellent. RG&A X


  2. Hi both,

    The good thing about starting in Scotland is it is all down hill to England and Cornwall!

    Hope it gets a little warmer for you as you head south.

    Best wishes,

    Tim and Lois


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