Day 10 Drumnadrochit to Invermoriston

Distance 15.92 miles – cumulative 170.32 miles – 5hrs 40mins – walking time 4 hrs 50 mins – pace 3.3 mph – B&B Dornoch View

We got caught out first thing when just as we thought the tent was dry to pack away for a few days ( B&Bs for the next 2 nights) it poured down, within seconds we went from bright sunshine to torrential downpour. 

Just as quickly the day turned into a beautiful sunny day and the scenery was stunning as the  Great Glen Way took us above and along Loch Ness. The Great Glen Way had a high level and low level option and we took the high level route and were rewarded with fantastic views down the Loch and of the Ben Nevis and Glen Coe mountain ranges beyond. 

Had a close encounter with an adult deer as we neared the end of the day but just as we had the photo lined up a car frightened it off.

We had a very friendly welcome at the B&B which is used by plenty of walkers and cyclists. 

We still have all our toe nails and no blisters, our feet and bodies generally are holding up very well. Due to the finer weather the Scottish airforce have made an appearance and they have landed two successful strikes on Lynn. 

Thanks for all the comments. If you are reading the blog then please do not be shy and add some comments if you have not placed any so far – they really help to motivate us. 


4 thoughts on “Day 10 Drumnadrochit to Invermoriston”

  1. Morning both, we have had a busy weekend in Lanzarote watching Andy do the Ironman – thought you would like to know he managed it in just under 13.5 hours! Fantastic day, we were up at 0500 and not back to the apartment until 2130. We travelled most of the island to watch him on his cycle and then back to Carmen to see the run. Maybe your next challenge both?!!!

    So have just caught up on your blog, you are both doing so well. Looks like the weather has improved, much nicer than getting wet and two nights in a B & B (you’re spoiling him Lynn)! Hope you have a good day today. Love to both xxx


  2. Thanks for the updates, we’re enjoying the ‘tongue in cheek’ style and hoping that’s how it’s intended. The route sounds fantastic and apart from the thought of taking Charlotte in a car all that distance we would be definitely interested in visiting the north of Scotland. All good back here, the Chiefs won on Saturday and a gang of the usual suspects are heading to Twickenham next Saturday. It should be a brilliant day with a pint or two likely to be downed. Have a good day and loads of photos please. Jc


  3. Looks as if you are now heading into the highlands. Lynn says you are seeing foxes that she has not seen, have you by chance seen Nessie?? Your photographs are much appreciated .


  4. Looks like you guys are enjoying the acute changing weather. It also appears that you’ve had some fantastic walks to enjoy with amazing views. We’re not too sure about this slacking off and checking into lots of B&Bs, I think I recall that you’ve also had a pub lunch. That is somewhat disappointing as Heavitree don’t have any pubs up in Scotland. Will look forward to our next instalment of day 11 as well as the first selfie with the both of you in the picture (Steve you have long enough arms) xx


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