Further photo Day 12


3 thoughts on “Further photo Day 12”

  1. Hi Guys, looks like a fantastic way to start the trip. Some very spectacular views! House is still standing and squatter free, so don’t worry about that…hopefully your tent skills are better than your map skills…Steve not sure what you were struggling with in the tent photo!

    Hopefully the weather is staying good for you guys….what you’re doing is amazing and will be with you forever…the pain can be taken away by a pint or two 🙂 We’ll be following your trip, thinking of you both. Dave, Kate, James and Larissa x


  2. I’ll drum roll and trumpet fanfare to the view, but not the Leg Selfie. Lynn; if Steves route card is a bit off piste you could always send him into the water to do a bit of WW11 Marine training.

    Keep up the good plodding team Swani. Enjoy the Sunsine xx

    Ps it must be nice to meet other walkers? If not only for the company and tea stop information but to reassure yourselves that either you’re not mad or you are mad, but not alone 😉


  3. Loving the blog – not sure I could get Richard to commit to the camping but it looks a fab adventure. Julia x


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