Day 41 Cowling to Jack Bridge (near Hebden Bridge) Wednesday 22 June

Distance 19.02 miles, cumulative 691.77 miles, time 7 hrs 30 mins, walking time 6 hrs 15 mins, pace 3 mph, Camped The New Delight Inn campsite.
Having enjoyed Sue and Sandy’s excellent hospitality and breakfast we did manage to leave Cowling (see yesterday’s photo of the speed limit sign). We followed Sue’s directions, re joined the PW and climbed onto the fells which were once again being managed for game shooting.

Given that the camping pod installed at the bottom of our garden has been destroyed by the squatters, Steve took a keen interest in the designs of the various shooting huts on the fell. He thought they looked quite comfortable.

We suspect the squatters must have left by now as the grass around the house will so long that they would not be able to get in or out. In return for offering to cut our lawn we found a new car for JR. It is equipped with a swimming pool and unlike his current car it has tread on all four tyres.

We have left North Yorkshire, which was at least as large as Scotland and today we walked through the metropolitan boroughs of Bolton and Calderdale, although there was no sign of any urban centres. 

The PW footpath over the fells is mostly laid with flagstones which makes for easier walking than wading through the underlying peat bogs.

We are in the heart of Bronte country judging by the fingerposts, some of which were even in Japanese. Japanese women are besotted with the three Bronte sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne and we did see one Japanese lady on the trail. This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charlotte Bronte and at the Bradford Literary Festival in May Bronte mania was in full swing. That concludes the cultural section of today’s blog.

Of more interest to most readers will be the cow having a bad hair day and the white peacock. 

We dropped down through a series of reservoirs to reach Jack Bridge and the quaintly named ‘New Delight Inn’ with it’s attached camping field.


3 thoughts on “Day 41 Cowling to Jack Bridge (near Hebden Bridge) Wednesday 22 June”

  1. Hi Steve & Lynn,

    We are following your progress with great interest, I believe you are over half way now.

    It is quite clear you are both fit and appear to be surviving the rigors of such a long walk, how are your boots and other equipment surviving the trek south?

    Very informative blog, thank you for your efforts.

    Tim and Lois.


  2. Glad to see you are both going strong. The PW being paved must make a nice change for you. You will soon be into Peak District National Park which is Mohan and Brenda’s much loved area.Thanks for the daily supply of photos. Keep well.


  3. Apologies for late reply to blog: Hilarious, I read it last night and nearly woke Geri up from laughing. It was even funnier today when I read it out to Jr. I must admit he didn’t quite see the funny side to his new mobile swimming pool, I think he’s still bitter about replacing his unbalanced tires 3/4yrs ago. I know that will make you laugh but in all seriousness he was heading to your this evening at about 6 pm to mow the lawn. On the surface that seems ok but he admitted to not cutting it since before he went on holiday, some four weeks ago. It’s no wonder the council was out earlier in the week serving your property notice due to restrictions of natural light on neighboring property. Exeter report; Alexander’s started at the childminders and Geri attended a form of Pilates this evening but wasn’t impressed due to normal instructor absence. I was in the DL pool @ 6:45 this morning. I repeat 6:45 AM Lynn, you did read that correctly. Well done on escaping the witches and great capture of Jr’s lesuire truck. Nice photo of the scruffy white hairy beast, great one of the cow too 😉 😉 We’ll await the 700 Mile blog update. Oh ps time for another #swanishyselfie


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