Day 42 Jack Bridge (near Hebden Bridge) to Standedge Thursday 23 June

Distance 19.42 miles, cumulative 711.39 miles, time 8 hrs 30 mins, walking time 6 hrs 45 mins, pace 2.9 mph, Camped – The Carriage House Inn campsite.
The midges were very bad this morning and covered the tent. We retreated to the campsite car park to make a brew and get breakfast where they were a little less numerous. 

We climbed out of Jack’s Bridge over Stoodley Pike and passed the reservoirs on Langfield Common. The route continued over Blackedge Moor and towards Saddleworth Moor. Before reaching Saddleworth Moor a major milestone was crossing the M62. We crossed near junction 22, for those following on our progress on road maps, and fortunately there was a grand overbridge for the sheep which we used.

Where we crossed the motorway it is in a steep cutting and remains out of sight and earshot until you are right on top of it and then our senses were assaulted by the traffic. A sudden contrast from the noises and sights we have been used to for 6 weeks now. Albeit we had a helicopter for company for much of the day as it inspected power line pylons. 

During the day we had views on to some major conurbations which we assumed were Rochdale and Manchester.

Our overnight stop was Standedge the location of the Standedge Tunnels, four parallel tunnels running beneath the Pennines for 3 miles and 64 yards. There are three rail tunnels and one canal tunnel, which is Britain’s longest and deepest canal tunnel.

Having pitched at Standedge we wanted to get into Marsden for some supplies and decided to get the bus, it never came, so we walked the 2 miles into the town and did our shopping. We found the bus stop to return and were reassured by a couple of people waiting that we were in the right place and the bus would be coming but it was always late. Nearly an hour after the due time we shared a taxi back to the Inn with two lads who were also waiting for the non existent bus and who worked at the pub. They refused to take our money and gave us a menu recommendation. 

The pub in the middle of Saddleworth Moor specialises in Turkish food, so a set menu for two and a litre of wine later we were ready to sleep.

The day had been bright and dry and full of contrasts which gave us something to ponder as we sat in the pubs conservatory watching the cycle chain gangs slog it out up the A62 and para gliders riding the thermals. A Turkish meal, with Italian wine and West Yorkshire’s finest scenery and hospitality, the EU referendum could not have been further from our minds.


3 thoughts on “Day 42 Jack Bridge (near Hebden Bridge) to Standedge Thursday 23 June”

  1. Another interesting day for you both. The midges are still with you, I thought you had left them behind in Scotland. I travelled along the M62 many times from Manchester to Leeds during my working days. Michael Horton had a unit in the Shopping Centre in Manchester and a lad from Birmingham mangaged a night club in Leeds….happy memories.

    Took Sarah to keep an appointment with her dietician , and very happy to report she has not put on any weight during our holiday.
    All being well you should be with us next Friday.


  2. 700 miles in and I’ve just finished playing catch-up and thought I would try again to master the art of leaving a comment. My last attempt followed on from the sight of two pairs of knees, but seems to have gone into hiding. Given the effort you guys are putting in I felt I must try just once more to cheer you on from the sidelines, how hard can it be to join the online world?
    So just to say Barry and I are loving the blog, great mix of culture and humour. I think your tales have even got Barry contemplating attempting a long distance path one day. There’s a sweepstake going on about who is the author and who has editorial control!
    Having studied the photos though I think Steve has resolved his dog/donkey/lama dilemma by hiding some of his load in Lynn’s pack.


  3. Happy weekend to you both. The amazing adventure continues and thanks for the wonderful insight you have provided. You’ve become part of my daily reading and a endless line of conversation with a wide range of people. I even showed your railway photos at Alston to my railway enthusiast father-in-law yesterday. Not such a wise move as it led to an in- depth conversation about northern railway lines to access mineral sites….. I’m glad the weather is being kind to you, apart from encouraging insects, see you soon 🏃🏻😊


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