Day 61 Exford to Bishops Tawton – Tuesday 12 July

Distance 30.57 miles, cumulative 1,102.28 miles, time 9 hrs 45 mins, walking time 8 hrs 55 mins, pace 3.4 mph, camped Whitmoor Farm.
We decided to leave the Macmillan Way yesterday as we found it a little overgrown and hard to follow so we switched to the Coleridge Way which was a more direct route. Today we followed the Two Moors Way and the Tarka Trail footpath. 

We saw a herd of deer on Exmoor, the first deer we had seen since the Pennines. 

We left Somerset and looked back at a ‘Welcome to Somerset’ sign. The first sign we saw in Devon was the usual warm Devon welcome (see picture) but we knew we had left Somerset as a 4G phone signal instantly appeared. 

We passed the Poltimore Arms pub (not the one near Exeter) which claims to be the most ‘off grid’ pub in the uk as it is beyond mains electricity, gas and water. We had tea and a bite as we listened to the diesel generator. Steve was annoyed with himself (which made two people annoyed with him as generally there is usually one other already annoyed with him) as he forgot to take a photo of the pub. Photos were in short supply due to the rain and poor visibility so we would like to come back to the area in the summer. Although summer did arrive at the campsite about the same time we did.


5 thoughts on “Day 61 Exford to Bishops Tawton – Tuesday 12 July”

  1. I expect your are pleased you are now traveling through you home countey of Devon.I would like to have seen a photo of the deer on Exmoor. It looks as though you have made some very good friends on you B&B stopovers. Keep well both of you.


  2. We arrived home from France last night so I have again had the chance to catch up with your travels (the blog is too frustrating to read on the iPad while away). I can’t believe how far you have come it seems such a short time ago that you left – sitting in my comfy chair reading about it – you might have a different view. Barry has relaxed again now safe in the knowledge that with the mention of so many flying bugs there will be no chance I want to attempt such a journey.


  3. Liking Buzz, first pic of a puppy dawg in quite a while 🐾😀
    Drove down to Penzance for work yesterday, gosh it’s quite a way down! Beautiful scenery though and everyone seems really happy πŸ˜„
    Enjoy walking down through Devon, keep safe πŸŒ»πŸŒŸπŸ™‹πŸΌ


  4. Welcome back to Devon and good to know that you are back about. It seems such a long time ago that we last saw you. It’s good to see the shooting fraternity take care over the safety of others, if not the feelings…. I’m surprised you’ve not headed into the Panniers in Barnstaple. See you soon πŸ‘


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