Day 63 Abbotsham to Stoke (near Hartland Quay) – Thursday 14 July

Distance 23.88 miles , cumulative 1,144.23 miles, time 10 hrs, walking time 8 hrs 5 mins, pace 2.9 mph, camped Stoke Barton Farm

We followed the SWCP today until we reached Hartland Point cafe shack and then we headed inland to Stoke. 

This is a stretch of coast we have walked often over the years and today with the bright sunshine and very little haze we had the best views of Lundy from the coast path we have ever had. 

We passed through Bucks Mill where one hardy resident was swimming and a robin wanted to share Lynn’s apple.

The first walkers we passed were heard before we saw them. We heard shrieks and suspected that the escaped Lynx had been spotted. It turned out that a wasp had been the cause and a motley gang of 6 kids and their minder walked into view. The elected spokesperson asked us if this was the way to the ‘kinda beach’ and we replied it ‘kinda was’. We think they may have been a little disappointed on reaching Bucks Mill if they were expecting a sandy beach, deckchairs and candy floss. We were tempted to double back and see. 

We passed through Clovelly quickly by the visitors centre, which was busy. We reached the tea shack at Hartland Point and after the compulsory brew we headed inland to Stoke guided by the church tower knowing the campsite was opposite. 

The church in Stoke is known as North Devon’s Cathedral because of it’s size and we were treated to the sounds of bell ringing followed by a brass band and choir concert during the evening. 

The campsite had a well stocked shop, so rather than walk down to the Hartland Quay Hotel to get a meal, we eat by the tent in the sun, which had been out all day but tempered by a stiff breeze. 


2 thoughts on “Day 63 Abbotsham to Stoke (near Hartland Quay) – Thursday 14 July”

  1. I’m concerned about the state of the tent and its jumble sale appearance. I don’t think that would have been accepted at Lympstone Steve! 😉


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