Day 72 Penzance to Land’s End Saturday 23 July 2016

Distance 18.48 miles , cumulative 1,300.87 miles, time 7 hrs 25 mins, walking time 6 hrs 30 mins, pace 2.8 mph, B&B Lamorna House
A fine sunny morning for our last day. After a full breakfast we stepped out of the B&B straight onto the coast path and we quickly reached Newlyn to pass the fishing harbour. The local graffiti artist had captured us well. 

We headed towards Mousehole passing the memorial to the crew of the Soloman Browne, the Penlee lifeboat. 

We passed through Mousehole and had our only tea stop of the day at Lamorna Cove. 

We reached Porthcurnow and the Minnack Theatre. The show on this week was ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’ which was sort of appropriate given the number of steam railways we have passed and the old railway lines we have walked along. For the benefit of readers who will not have seen the 1953 film starring Stanley Holloway, probably everyone apart from our Dads, the story concerns a village trying to stop it’s railway being closed.

We stopped for lunch and carried on through Porthgwarra a pretty unspoilt little slipway with a few fishing boats.

We soon got our first glimpse of Land’s End in the distance. About a mile out we stopped and had a hug as the emotions caught up with us. Lynn put her sunglasses on even though it was now getting overcast and drizzly and Steve got the grit out of his eye.

Just short of Land’s End are a few fields with animals in including llamas which made Steve’s day, at last the pack animals he had been searching for – typically too late to be of any use carrying his rucksack.

We reached Land’s End to be met by Geri, Ryan, Alexander, Sandra and John who we had met yesterday. They had generously brought some fizzy and chocolate cake so we were able to celebrate in style and have the obligatory finish post pictures. A special thanks to them for meeting us on what was becoming a wet and quite cold day at Land’s End. 

A little tiddly we were dropped back to our B&B for a well earned and needed bath. 

Writing this blog has been a joint effort. Lynn takes a few notes during the day and then Steve writes an initial draft which Lynn adds to, corrects, edits and censors. Sometimes Steve will slip a few uncensored comments in but invariably there is a price to be paid. 

The walk has not been about the actual physical walking or even about the logistics of the exercise. What has made the experience truly life affirming has been the places we have passed through but above all else the wonderful people we have met along the way. To all of them and to all of you reading and responding to the blog a big thank you. 

This bit is from Steve – Lynn had always dreamt of walking from John O’Groats to Lands End and it has been her resolve and determination that has seen us successfully complete the challenge and to have enjoyed it so much. It has simply been my good fortune to have met and married such a remarkable women. It is therefore only proper and customary that the final word should belong to her. 

From Lynn – although we both decided on the broad route we would take for the walk, I would like to thank Steve for spending hours on the detailed planning. There were only a couple occasions where I wish I had been more involved (30+ mile days), but it was a huge task so l quickly forgave him. I also thank him for tolerating the camping element of the trip which for me has added to the enjoyment due to my love of the great outdoors. How lucky to have someone one mad enough to share this wonderful experience with.


14 thoughts on “Day 72 Penzance to Land’s End Saturday 23 July 2016”

  1. Fabulous! You are both amazing together and your lovely comments (and the pic of the scruffy little robin!) just put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye!
    Great that you had some well deserved fizz at the end, too!
    Enjoy your train journey home


  2. There must be a lot of satisfaction for you both in completing such a difficult task . Congratulations to you both.


  3. Congratulations to you both, what an achievement and thanks for sharing it with us. We do envy you but not so much as to follow in your foot steps ๐Ÿ˜„ No we’ll stick to gentle strolls along the coast path.


  4. I thought it was pretty epic too, congratulations to you both. You should be very proud of yourselves. what an achievement!


  5. Thank you so much, Steve & Lynne, for such an entertaining and moving narration – and amusing! It’s been grand to follow your adventures and almost feel we’ve been with you on your shoulder – but without some of the discomforts at times! We wonder now what will replace the little bed-time serial story episodes we’ve been following for so long? CONGRATULATIONS on the completion of a truly epic journey, you should be feeling very proud of your achievements – something to always look back on in wonder that you actually did it! If you do go into formal print of this expedition, please let us know. All our best wishes – Andy & Chris


  6. Fantastic, well done, amazing and what an achievement. It is good to know the two of you have enjoyed your journey as much as we have done from the comfort of home. We are not sure whether this is the appropriate tome to mention the Appalachian Trail.

    Look forward to seeing you on your return.


  7. Congratulations, you have both conquered an epic walk and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and comments every day. It’s been really interesting hearing about different parts and places of our country we have even heard of. I really don’t know what Ian will do now whilst eating his breakfast and having a little chuckle to himself with some of your comments, probably have to talk to me now. At least Lynn you know what to buy Steve for Christmas – a llama!


  8. Congratulations Steve & Lynn on completing such an epic trek in such good time. It was a real pleasure to meet you both and an honour to cheer you in (and provide you with some well-earned Cornish drizzle) at the finish post. We cannot imagine how you felt when you arrived at Land’s End but you looked as if you had just popped down the road for a newspaper.
    We eagerly await your plans for your next challenge – some talk of doing the walk backwards we hear? (That is south to north, not facing the wrong way…although that would indeed be a challenge).


  9. Dream Big, Win Big. Firstly Lynn, you must be congratulated on having such a vision for a challenge, not only that but then to convince Steve that your mad plan was worthy of further discussion and in the end achieveable. Achieveable, with fitness and mental strength but also considerable planning, well done Steve and glad your tough days back to back have been forgiven.
    Thank you for keeping a blog and sharing your journey with everyone. It’s been a joy to read and we have felt part of the journey without the aches pains or blisters. Congratulations on your adventures and we hope that the blog continues when the great outdoors beckons your company again. R,G & A x


  10. Well done what an achievement. We have had a few cyclists in at Linwater doing the same route. Would love to do it either walking or cycling. We done Jim & Jean


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