Day 13 Blue Anchor to North Newton 24.04 miles. Cumulative 230.58

Awake before the alarm today, thanks to a number of rookeries near our tent. A dry day, we followed a big black cloud for most of it, but fortunately didn’t catch it up.

We continued along the coast path towards Watchet, misinterpreting a diversion sign as we left Blue Anchor. After 3 kilometres we reached a cliff fall, which was fortunately just passable. Steve being a gentleman for a change offered to go first. Safely though we arrived in Watchet, where the diversion was better signed.

Shortly after Watchet we left the coast and head towards the Quantocks, we won’t return to the coast until we reach Scotland.

Watchet is a pretty town, with a food and craft market on a Wednesday, which was just setting up as we arrived. We found ‘The Chive Cafe’ for small sausage roll and pot of tea.

Harbour Wall

A long climb ‘south’ through the Quantocks, can this be right? A lovely walk with lots to look at, views out to the coast of Wales and the new Hinckley Point C power station, more deer and some really cute cows. The path was busy with other walkers and cyclists.

After dropping down off the Quantocks, our afternoon walk took us through farmland and a woodland, river walk.

At our final break we were sat by the side of the track when up the path trotted 7 pigs. Steve grabbed his phone to take pictures and then had to encourage them away as one started to eat Lynn’s rucksack. While Steve was doing this Lynn had vanished, faster than Steve could say the ‘S’ of sausage rolls, over a stile, the fastest she had moved in a long time. Apparently she is permanently traumatised after being chased by pigs as a young child.

A quick supplies stop in North Petherton before the campsite at North Newton and a delicious meal (no pork) at the Harvest Moon Pub, where the Italian proprietor, herself a keen walker was amazed and interested to hear about our walk.


3 thoughts on “Day 13 Blue Anchor to North Newton 24.04 miles. Cumulative 230.58”

  1. Big mileage today, heading south sounds wrong when you walking to Scotland? But I know and trust Steves map reading and planning…… honest!
    Have another good day tomorrow.


  2. I look forward to your daily updates in my email inbox. It sounds fantastic but I’d give the camping a miss if it were me. Take care.


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