LEJOG Day 19 – Brauton to Bourton on the Water 19.46 miles. Cumulative 369.09

The previous day we had seen quite a few cyclists and we learnt there had been a 100 mile Cotswold sportive cycling event. As we were taking the tent down a neighbouring caravaner emerged to walk his dog wearing a medal around his neck, as you do at 7am. We got the hint and asked him what the medal was for. He had completed the ride and was understandably chuffed with his achievement having never done anything quite like that before. We chatted away about the ride and our walk. Half an hour later, as we were about to leave carrying our rucksacks, he emerged from his caravan and offered us a couple of boxes of Bantam eggs laid by his own chickens. We declined the eggs and he understood raw eggs might not travel well in a stuffed rucksack. Lynn would accepted chocolate eggs, whatever the weight.

A mixture of sun and cloud today, with a light sprinkle midday. A cool wind from the north.

We start out following the Monarchs Way again, this criss crossed the Macmillan Way today, so where we had the option we took the Macmillan Way which was more direct.

When King Charles II took the route (Monarchs Way) from Worcester to Shoreham (via Bristol) he covered 625 miles, the more direct route via the A44 & A4074 would have only been 144 miles, we think he should have used a satnav.

The route today passed throughout numerous small Cotswold villages, the most notable, Chedworth, is near the National Trust Chedworth Roman Villa occupied from 180-350 AD which was a place of ‘wealth, luxury and comfort’, just like our tent.

Our final port of call before the campsite was Bourton-on-the-Water, which was absolutely heaving with tourists, so we cracked on to the campsite. We are camped a 10 minute walk away and will revisit in evening, when we have been advised by the campsite owner it will be a lot quieter.


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