LEJOG Day 23 Solihull to Birmingham 10.59 miles Cumulative 430.11 miles

A great start to the day on two fronts. Straight out of the hotel and into Wetherspoons for hot chocolates. But, best of all, meeting up with two of Steve’s Solihull based cousins Tina and Chris. We don’t meet up very often so it was a real treat to catch up. Fantastic to see you both.

A fresh but dry day as we left Solihull and re joined the Grand Union Canal which took us all the way into Birmingham. Not the most inspiring of walks as this section of the canal network is not popular with leisure boats and it passes through industrialised areas so is quite mucky in places. However, the graffiti is quite colourful.

We hopped off the canal a little earlier than originally intended and walked through central Birmingham. Having been walking in rural areas for so many days the noise, traffic and sheer number of people came as a bit of a shock. We walked through New Street train station to the chanting of Milwall FC supporters on their way to St.Andrew’s for the game against The Blues. Birmingham won 2-1……oh no. Milwall score from a penalty in the 98th minute! 2 all draw. Steve, a half hearted Villa supporter was a bit happier now, as Villa also drew away to Leicester.

Being a native Brummie, Steve assumed translation duties and Lynn acted up being the country bumpkin in the big city, which mostly consists of saying ‘I’m glad we don’t live here’. There was much evidence of Birmingham getting spruced up to host the Commonwealth Games in 96 days time. Cousins Tina and Chris had both managed to get tickets in the ballot and are now basketball and rhythmic gymnastics fans.

A leisurely restaurant lunch and a bit of supplies shopping in the city centre and another night of luxury in a hotel room. Back to the tent tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 23 Solihull to Birmingham 10.59 miles Cumulative 430.11 miles”

      1. Tim as always useless with dates! Thankfully Mr & Mrs Watt expecting you on the correct day!
        Today’s walk brings back memories of when we hired a cabal boat, took our 4 children away together for the first time and navigated through the suite of locks to get into the centre of Birmingham! As you say very industrial but still an interesting experience xx


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