LEJOG Day 37 Aysgarth to Hawes 10.15 miles, cumulative 664.54 miles

Our first wet evening at a campsite, fortunately once dinner was safely cooked, (supervised by Steve tonight), we made use of ‘The Camp Shed’ for the evening. It even had a kettle so we could brew up in the dry.

A cloudy start to the day but the sun soon came out.

We started out along the River Ure which takes us up Wensleydale to the picturesque village of Askrigg and breakfast at ‘The Bake Well’, to make up for the one we didn’t get at the George and Dragon. We sat outside in the sunshine enjoying Yorkshire tea, a sausage roll and a Mars Bar Brownie sat opposite Skeldale house, a location used in ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, now upmarket luxury accommodation.

Leaving Askrigg we have a choice of two routes, a low level walk along the river, with a river crossing via stepping stones or a higher level route. We opt for the higher route, you never know what stepping stones will be like! A good choice, as some more amazing views and a very cute cow, not often we say that but it was the other side of a wall.

A short walk, so we arrive in Hawes by 1230 and find it very busy with tourists and around 100 motorcyclists all outside a cafe we wanted to use, a favourite from our last visit to Hawes when we walked ‘JOGLE’ in 2016. We opted for a pub lunch instead.

We had a very warm welcome at our B&B Ebor House. In addition to the usual tea tray, and a great view from our room, was a Terry’s Chocolate Orange – straight to number 1 in the B&B charts!


3 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 37 Aysgarth to Hawes 10.15 miles, cumulative 664.54 miles”

  1. I wouldn’t have recognised the house, thank you for the answer. You seem to be heading east as opposed to north, or is it just Strava making it lookalike that?
    Lovely weather in Devon and Steve, you got the cream tea question wrong ☹️..

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