LEJOG Day 39 – Kirkby Stephen to Dufton 20.36 miles. Cumulative 701.22

Another good campsite, with a ‘campers room’ equipped with kettle and phone charging points.

A cloudy day, windy in exposed areas and spitting with rain as we finished putting the tent up.

We got a little confused this morning, as we continued to see footpath signs indicating we were in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, although we thought we were in Cumbria. It transpires some of the National Park is in Cumbria!

The route this morning was a little underwhelming compared to previous days in the Pennines, we followed minor roads, crossed farmland and even walked through someone’s garden.

We were both pleased to reach Great Ormside and re-join ‘The Pennine Journey’ which took us through riverside woodland, filled with wild garlic and bluebells, to reach Appleby-In-Westmorland, our lunch stop.

The two cafes in the village were busy, the first one turned us away, saying there would be a half hour wait, but maybe they just smelt us walking through the door. The second one, equally busy allowed us in and even though there was a wait, watching and listening to the staff was entertaining and they served up a good meal and an enormous pot of tea.

After lunch we made a trip to the co-op, there are no other shops on route until Wednesday evening and we had been forewarned the pub at Dufton doesn’t serve food on a Monday.

Fully laden we picked up The Pennine Journey again. En route to Dufton we climb up through some wonderful woodland with bluebells that trump those we saw this morning, a much nicer afternoons walk.

We camped at Grandie Caravan Park which we used on JOGLE, Lynn remembers the date exactly 14 June 2016, Steve’s Birthday. Fortunately the pub was open that night and serving food.


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