LEJOG Day 42- Allendale to Haltwhistle 16.90 miles. Cumulative 750.32

Lynn’s brother and sister-in-law, Ian and Keeley, joined us for breakfast this morning. They are holidaying in Northumberland and it was an ideal opportunity to have a catch up with them. They also joined us for the first couple of hours of walking which made for a great start to the the day.

A mixture of sun and cloud today, a bit warmer but still very windy.

Our walk took us along the River Allen and we said our goodbyes to Ian and Keeley at Waters Meetings. They must have known the next hour was going to be the toughest of the day with lots of steep climbs and descents and quite a few obstacles, with the River Allen making its way though a steep sided gorge.

The walk became easier after Plankey Mills where we left the river and joined the River Tyne Trail, the going was much easier except for the strong westerly wind we had to walk into. The River Tyne Trail is a 135 mile route following the source of the river to the North Sea, the trail was conceived as a way of raising awareness of cancer and for charity fundraising.

We left the trail just outside Haltwhistle to reach the campsite, where we dined ‘al fresco’.


2 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 42- Allendale to Haltwhistle 16.90 miles. Cumulative 750.32”

  1. I’ve heard of Haltwhistle, googled it and….
    Haltwhistle claims to be the centre of Britain because it is: 290 miles from Portland, Dorset (south coast) and 290 miles from North Orkney (north). 36.5 miles from Wallsend (east coast) and 36.5 miles from Bowness on Solway (west coast).
    Great pictures today!

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  2. You are both looking good. Some more beautiful county on you route.I expect you were very pleased to meet with Lynn’s brother and sister in law.

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