LEJOG Day 51 – Dunfermline to Kinross 15.22 miles. Cumulative 923.64 miles.

We had a superb Turkish meal at Rodi last night to finish off our stay in Edinburgh,

After a relatively restful couple of days we were back to normal, carrying our backpacks. We started with a train journey to Dunfermline, to pick up where we left off yesterday.

Our Edinburgh accommodation

A bright start but increasingly cloudy with a few sprinkles and a chilly breeze.

We left Dunfermline on the Fife Pilgrims Way which took us past St Ninians Fife Earth Project, an ambitious project to represent a journey around four continents. Unfortunately, the owner went bankrupt in 2013 before completing it, although the mound representing Europe is visible, defined by three giant barbed mounds and apparently a stone map of Europe, we didn’t climb up to check it out.

This mound represents Europe!

We then passed through some well maintained Forestry Commission land, which restored our confidence in forests after last Saturdays trip through the jungle.

We left the Pilgrims Way at Kelty and a bit of grass verge walking took us to the circular walk around Loch Leven. The area around Loch Leven was formerly the site of 40 mills and factories which used the lochs water to drive machinery. Cashmere yarn is still spun there now, which is supplied to top international buyers. The cashmere fibre comes from Inner Mongolian goats.

We left the loch side walk at Kinross, to pick up a few supplies before heading to our campsite Gallowhill Farm.

We had a strange reception from, we assume, grandmother and grandson, who both wanted to check us in, each in their own disorganised way, when grandson left the reception area grandmother said he was suffering with toothache and had been drinking. When he offered us a lift in his car round to the camping field we declined!

Today was the Ironman Triathlon in Lanzarote and our friend Andy was competing, his third Lanzarote Ironman. So we followed his progress as we walked via the event competitor tracking app. As we write this he has completed the 3.8km swim and 180km bike and has just started the 42 km run. He started at 7.15am and his estimated finish time at the time of writing was 10pm. Well done Andy, keep going!

Andy finishing the bike leg.

2 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 51 – Dunfermline to Kinross 15.22 miles. Cumulative 923.64 miles.”

  1. Keep up the good work Folks. I’m now caught up on the blog. Nice to hear Steve’s got some new boots and Lynn has perfected the titanic sea bass pose. I’d imagine the few days without a backpack was a nice change; albeit difficult to put the packs back on. Fantastic photography accompanying your blog, impressive. Well done 👏

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