LEJOG Day 53 – Perth to Dunkeld 18.76 miles. Cumulative 959.19

A mixed day weather wise, warm sunny spells with a couple of heavy showers, so extra stops were needed for putting and taking off the waterproofs.

The week ahead sees us making our way up the eastern side of the Cairngorms to Inverness.

Our route out of Perth followed the CNC 77, initially along the banks of the River Tay along a dedicated cycle and footpath, until we reached the village of Almondbank. Here we happened upon a village shop selling hot drinks and sausage baps, it would have been rude to just walk past.

Perth subway art

We continued along the cycle route following minor roads. At one point our route was closed for road works but we decided to risk it, rather than follow a diversion along busier roads. Fortunately, there were no roadworks.
We walked through mainly agricultural farm land and the vegetable of the day was garden peas, at a young age they are, unfortunately, not as photogenic as broad beans.

Peas – not as photogenic as the ‘Sidmouth Broad Bean’
Bull in field

A short cut through some woodland took us away from the cycle route and we encountered a deer on the fenced path ahead of us, eventually it decided to jump the barbed wire fence to escape us.
Shortly after rejoining the cycle route, we had our first stretch walking near the A9, which we will no doubt see a lot of in the next couple of weeks.

We left the cycle route at Dunkeld, for our accommodation tonight, camping at Inver Caravan Park. The owners are from Plymouth and moved up a year ago to run the family business. He is a keen Argyle supporter and remains a season ticket holder. He seemed quite normal. He explained there was not a lot else to do in the winter in this part of Scotland. It gets light at 10am and sunset is 2.30pm. Steve then reeled off a list of things he would prefer to do rather than watch Argyle. Visiting the dentist featured. Obviously a day for visitors from Devon, as shortly after we arrived he checked in some people from Newton Abbot


2 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 53 – Perth to Dunkeld 18.76 miles. Cumulative 959.19”

  1. Like the graffiti, Shane the peas weren’t a little more colourful.
    Saw Andy today, his knee is not too bad, overall he is just a little stiff.
    Your place is safe and sound, little red is back on holiday with us!
    Great blog 👍


  2. Wow, impressive subway art – puts Alrewas subway art in the shade!

    Really enjoying the blog guys. Very envious of your journey (apart from all that walking) xx


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