LEJOG Day 60 – Auchnahillan to Inverness 8.26 miles. Cumulative 1074.46 miles

We had an early rise after a wet night. We had our porridge and tea in the campers kitchen, before packing up a very wet tent.

It remained showery with low cloud throughout our short walk to Inverness.

We left NCN 7 early on to take a shorter mainly off road route to Inverness, we weren’t sure if this would be a good idea as there was a river to cross and a steep bank to climb before crossing the A9 dual carriageway. Luckily there was a wobbly bridge over the river, steps up the steep bank and a central crossing point on the road.

‘Only one at a time’ suspension bridge.

Safely on the other side of the A9 we picked up the military road through Inveranie Forest which took us to the outskirts of Inverness. There was a large section of forest which had been cleared and it was noticeable in this area the standing forest was less protected and had suffered wind damage.

We continued on the line of the old military road into Inverness, passing General Wade’s Roundabout.

After a short walk we arrived at the Premier Inn at 1030 and dropped our backpacks off before heading for Wetherspoons.

Lynn’s (first pair) of boots had started to fall apart over the last couple of days and she wasn’t sure if they would last another 150 miles, so she took the opportunity to replace them while in the city.

Even the Wetherspoons has sculpture
A scary animal with a man under it’s thumb guards the entrance to Inverness town hall.
New boots

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