LEJOG Day 68 – Wick to Keiss. 11.36 miles. Cumulative 1214.47 miles.

A good guesthouse breakfast was shared with a fellow JOGLER. It was his final day he had walked to Keiss yesterday and was catching the bus to restart there. Unlike us keenies, it sounded like he’d had enough and would be glad to get his last day over and done with.

Another nice sunny day, with a few scattered clouds.

A much easier walk in terms of terrain and distance. Walking LEJOG we had done JOG to Wick in one long day. We decided several weeks ago we would like to savour the last couple of days and added an extra day to our schedule and split the walk at Keiss.

An easy walk along the cliff top took us to Noss Head Lighthouse and then on to the ruins of Sinclair Castle complete with a draw bridge. Fantastic views of Sinclair Bay and it’s six kilometre beach came into view.

After the village of Ackergillshore, we joined the beach. We had timed the walk perfectly to coincide with low tide to avoid walking the path through the massive sand dunes that back the beach and also to ford a river half way along which can be waist deep when the river is in spate and the tide is high. We arrived at the river spot on low tide and managed to cross it without even removing our boots.

After the river crossing we had plenty of time to spare, so we spent a couple of hours on the beach. We brewed up a couple of hot drinks. Steve went for a swim in the sea. Steve’s idea of a swim looked more like a flash dunk to Lynn.

A short walk after our break took us to Keiss and on to the Castle View B&B on the outskirts of the village.


6 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 68 – Wick to Keiss. 11.36 miles. Cumulative 1214.47 miles.”

  1. Wonderful pictures. I have really enjoyed watching your progress. We will be doing the JOG trail in September so have been interested to see the tricky bits. Enjoy your last day tomorrow and congratulations on completing the walk.

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    1. Thanks Wendy, the JOG trail is still work in progress at the moment. Hopefully they will make some more improvements before September, but it will certainly be much easier for you without big backpacks. As far as ascents/descents go it is nowhere near as hilly as the South West Coast Path and the scenery is absolutely stunning. I look forward to reading about your experiences. Lynn


  2. Well done, you have almost made it. I will miss reading your daily updates, they have become part of my after dinner routine most days – cup of tea, LEJOG and Wordle! The photos have been lovely, I am looking forward to our Scotland trip in July to see some of it for ourselves. Enjoy your final day.

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