Day 16 Glencoe to Tyndrum Saturday 28 May

Distance 20.54 miles, cumulative 266.91 miles, 8 hrs 15 mins, walking time 6 hrs 20mins, pace 3.2 mph, camped at ‘byetheway’ campsite.

Steve started the day in his usual place – the doghouse. Having woken Lynn to ask her the time at 10 minutes past midnight. He could not read his watch and was being kept awake by mountain bikers who were camped a few feet away. The site was very busy, in the picture our tent is in the right hand corner.

The route dropped out of Glencoe to the Bridge of Orchy and then paralleled the road, river and railway to Tyndrum. The weather was fine and the clouds gradually burnt off. 

Plenty of walkers coming towards us and one walker heading our way who we passed and were passed by throughout the day. 

The West Highland Way challenge ultra distance running race was being held today. The race starts in Milngavie at the southern end at midnight and the aim is to complete the 95 miles in a day. One competitor wanted an excuse for a rest and chatted to us. Having started at midnight it was now 2pm and he was hoping to finish at 2am. If he finished he would have had 26 hours on his feet. Lynn wants to do it next year. Steve politely declined to join her. 

We missed the rugby but have just caught the closing moments via a Twitter feed. Sounds like a great game from the commentaries and a strong second half from the Chiefs. Hope the gang that went to Twickenham had good day and sank a few beers. 


3 thoughts on “Day 16 Glencoe to Tyndrum Saturday 28 May”

  1. After having a disturbed night you had a quite a long walk, but you both seemed to have enjoyed the day . Tomorrow you will have a level walk along Loch Lomond, I’m sure you will enjoy that. Keep well.


  2. Great photos you two.. Could we have some big cheesy grins when you pose please?! The views look amazing, never been to the Highlands but would definitely love to now!
    We all went to Twickers yesterday in a big minibus! Fab time despite the result – we came a close second, so that can’t be bad!
    You’ll miss a new spin studio unveiling on Wednesday, new bikes apparently and they’ve painted a wall black and put little twinkly lights in the ceiling.. Rob is treating us to a new spin experience on Wednesday and from then on, it’ll be mostly running around the field I think.
    Keep safe.. Enjoying the blog and having some giggles! PK
    Ps, there seems to be a big difference in size of the fish and chippy supper!


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