Day 17 Tyndrum to Iverarnan Sunday 28 May

Distance 14 miles, cumulative 280.91, 5 hrs 40 mins, walking time 4 hrs 25 mins, pace 3.1 mph, camped Beinglas Farm campsite.
Last night was Steve’s turn to sleep through the noise and Lynn who could not get off to sleep. Steve was sound asleep as Lynn got up and asked two lots of other campers to be quiet at half past midnight. When striking camp the midges were out in force but we had a solution and have provided a selfie for Ryan.
Soon after leaving Tyndrum we passed the halfway marker for the West Highland Way. We then passed ‘The Lochan of the Lost Sword’ were it is thought that Robert the Bruce and his army following their defeat at Dalrigh dumped their weapons including Robert the Bruce’s long sword (claymore). 
At Auchtertyre we passed an automated weather station, which is in one of the wettest parts of the U.K. with 4 times the rainfall of Edinburgh and 280 days of rain per year. The station sends readings to Exeter every hour. It was good to see home being mentioned on the information board – Steve got all weepy, Lynn told him to ‘man up’. Ironically we have just had our seventh consecutive day without having to put waterproofs on. The streams and rivers are all quite low compared to last year when we had to alter walks because we couldn’t ford the rivers. 
Before dropping into Inverarnan we crossed the A82 and a railway. The A82 crossing was served by an underpass but there were no buskers or rough sleepers, which was a pleasant surprise. There was also a tunnel under the railway which was very small and required removing rucksacks, crouching down and shuffling through. When we looked on the map it was marked as a ‘sheep creep’.
Plenty of activity on the trail again and stunning scenery. We turned up at what we thought would be a basic farm campsite to find a lovely site with bar, restaurant, shop and good facilities – all the more unusual for a site that only takes tents as the access across a bridge will not take caravans or camper vans. 


2 thoughts on “Day 17 Tyndrum to Iverarnan Sunday 28 May”

  1. Glad to see you are still having good weather. Had a chuckle seeing your selfie for “Ryan” You are still on schedule , which is a good signe. Sorry to here about your sore throats.Hope you both get a good sleep tonight.


  2. What a great insight into Scotland and it’s becoming a quirky travel guide, be careful you don’t go ‘viral’. A few of us have been recovering after the long day watching the Chiefs. It was pretty hot in London so we had to drink often and regularly to avoid dehydration…. The result wasn’t what we were hoping for but the Chiefs played well in the second half and earned loads of respect from rugby fans everywhere. JR behaved himself and looked after his lovely lady, plenty of hand holding and other soppy stuff. The old boy looks really happy. Have a good week and keep supplying the news and travel information. Jc


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