Day 21 Twecher to Falkirk Thursday 2June

Distance 15.92 miles, cumulative 355.97 miles, 6 hours 15 mins, walking time 5 hours 15 mins, pace 3 mph, B&B Rosie’s B&B.
The sun had it’s hat on again. 

After an extensive multi-course breakfast prepared by our host Elisabeth we had to walk up a steep hill as the John Muir Way took us up and along the Roman Antonine Wall to Barr and Croy hill forts.

The Antonine Wall was built by the Romans to keep the northern barbarians out, it ran for 39 miles from The Firth of Clyde to the Firth of Forth. Built after Hadrian’s Wall and further north it was later abandoned and the Romans moved back to Hadrian’s Wall. It was constructed under the order of Hadrian’s adopted son Antonious Pius.

Most of the route was along the Forth and Clyde Canal and for a while we followed a man with a spotty dog – see yesterday. 

We passed through Bonnybridge and on a bridge wall noticed some unusual graffiti art of a flying saucer hovering over some children. When we looked up Bonnybridge on the internet it is famous for being the place with the highest concentration of UFO sightings, in the middle of the ‘Falkirk Triangle’. JR would feel at home. 

We reached the Falkirk Wheel which is the worlds only rotational boat lift connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Opened in 2002 it takes 5 minutes to rotate 180 degrees, uses only the power of 8 kettles and can carry 100 adult African elephants. We hung around watching it transfer boats but we did not see any elephants. 

Our route also switched to the Union Canal to take us into Falkirk to complete our third week. 


One thought on “Day 21 Twecher to Falkirk Thursday 2June”

  1. Had difficulties following your route on my road map today, but eventually made it. Good photos of the Falkirk Wheel. This is becoming quite a geography lesson. Please keep going.


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