Day 22 Falkirk to East Calder (near Ratho) Friday 3 June

Distance 22.6 miles, cumulative distance 378.57 miles, time 8 hours, walking time 7hrs 5 mins, pace 3.2 mph, camped at Linwater Caravan Park.
After another ‘small’ Scottish breakfast including haggis we rejoined the Union Canal which was our route for the entire day. Today was the start of week 4 for us and a stock check of feet and limbs found them to be all in good working order. We are still talking to each other but that could change. Showers were forecast but we had another glorious day.
The canal has no locks but there are numerous viaducts and a tunnel which was 600 metres long. Two of the navvies who helped to construct the canal were Burke and Hare the notorious murderers and suppliers of body parts for medical dissection.

We passed a prison which got Steve thinking about getting arrested as at least it would mean a solid roof, bed and three meals a day but alas it was a youth offenders institute and whilst he behaves like an adolescent he can not pass as one to look at – unlike Lynn, naturally. 

The Grangemouth refinery and chemical works were visible for much of the day as were the constant stream of planes landing into Edinburgh airport. 

A highlight of the day was meeting David and Chris who were walking LEJOG (Land’s End to John O’Groats) as opposed to our JOGLE. It was good to compare notes and exchange route information. You can follow them on Facebook at davidandchriscountrywalk. 

We made a new friend at the campsite, a very friendly chicken which Steve has named Colonel Saunders and whose days are numbered if we cannot find a nearby pub. Having completed the West Highland Way a day faster than planned we had a day in hand which has now come in handy as we could not get accommodation for Saturday night at our next point of call, but there was a room available on Sunday so we will spend two nights here and take a rest day tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 22 Falkirk to East Calder (near Ratho) Friday 3 June”

  1. Like many we cannot believe all the blue skies you’re enjoying. I wonder if you could get a lead to take Colonel Saunders along the rest of the walk with you? If supplies run low he’d be a valuable companion on the KFC Friday night. We are still waiting on the dual selfie photo Chris and Dave just aren’t quite the same. Swimming continues, Pilates somewhat taken a nosedive. The canal that Lynn is stood next to in the photograph looks perfect for some swimming, so did you have a dip? The canal that Lynn is stood next to in the photograph looks perfect for some swimming,? Don’t go putting on too much weight what with all the haggis for breakfast as soon you will be having chips with gravy for your evening meals. Lynn, make sure that you get an equal portion to Steve on the fish & chip’s, yours are somewhat on the small side in comparison.


  2. Apologies for the dual posting, I’ve stated using the dictaphone function to save time typing. Sometimes it doubles up and I very rarely proof read 😉


  3. A day off will be welcome so enjoy the chance to recharge batteries etc. It looks all your planning is paying off as, from reading your blog, everything is going smoothly. The weather continues to be good down here too, we are having a mini summer in Devon and Cornwall. Socially it’s been quiet so we will have to arrange something. The life saving is next weekend so training this week. I’m sure your trip will be a topic of conversation. Have a good day off today and I will be interested to see what you do…? Jc


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