Day 24 East Calder to West Linton Sunday 5 June

Distance 16.48 miles, cumulative 395.05 miles, time 6 hours, walking time 5 hrs 5 mins, pace 3.2 mph, B&B The Meadows, West Linton

Today were glad to leave the canals behind us and get into the Pentland Hills. Our route now heads broadly south east for the next few days and will see us leave Scotland and join the Pennine Way at Byrness in Northumberland. We should be crossing the border on Thursday. Our route uses the Cross Border Drovers Trail and St. Cuthbert’s Way and takes us through Peebles and Jedburgh. The Cross Borders Drovers Trail was the route cattle were taken from the borders to Peebles and beyond for sale. The route is also known as the Thieves Way as thieves would often ambush the drovers to steal their cattle. The terrain is similar to Dartmoor so we felt at home and it was good to be heading south again after our zig east from Glasgow to Edinburgh. 

Today was walking over moorland primarily managed for red grouse, we only saw two dog walkers and 2 fell runners the whole morning. Lynn was befriended by a very cute scotty dog. We cannot believe our luck with the weather, today has been another glorious day, the fells we walked over would be very bleak in poorer weather.

We arrived in West Linton earlier than anticipated having made good time and rewarded ourselves with a Sunday roast, pudding and pint at the pub. West Linton is busy with a funfair and village fete. Lynn entered Steve in the dog show and he won a commended in the hairiest legs class. We found a spot on the village green to while away an hour in the sunshine, it felt like being on holiday. 


8 thoughts on “Day 24 East Calder to West Linton Sunday 5 June”

  1. Refreshed after a day of rest in Edinbough. The weather here has also been glorious, have been doing some work in the garden. The forcast is good for a few more days.
    Helen ( Mick and Mary’s daughter ) has show a lot of interest in your walk, so I have been forwarding your Blogs.
    Her e.mail address is ” ” It would be better in the long term if you send her your blog directly, if that is possible . All the best.


  2. Geri, Alexander and I have decided that you guys should take up photography, a new hobby to enjoy in retirement. Although your selfies need improvement. “Long hot Summer” by I. Scream perhaps the title for your last photograph. So our update is that Alexander has been swimming in the pool and doing quite well, he’s not quite as quick as mum and dad but is faster than JR. The weather is fantastic and everyone is managing to get some R&R. Swim sessions are a little tough to programme as the pool is only 10.5m. Lots of Paul Lexus me press ups to intensify the set. Today’s blog update is a little late and we are wondering if you’ve been hit by the Met office severe weather warning that’s sweeping across the south of Scotland? Let’s hope your kit is still proofed sufficiently ? Well done on winning the hairy leg competition Steve! Fingers crossed that you have weathered the storm, we await your next entry….


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