25 West Linton to Innerleithen Monday 6 June

Distance 24.64miles, cumulative 419.69, time 9 hrs 15 mins, walking time 8 hrs, pace 3.1 mph, timber pod at Tweedside Caravan Park.
A day of two halves.

The first half was back on the Cross Borders Drovers Route and once again in glorious sunshine we had the beautiful countryside of the Southern Uplands. We did not see a soul the whole morning. We reached a bustling Peebles at lunchtime and dallied over a feed and drink.

The second half of the day was following the River Tweed along a quiet road which the cycle route board had said would be 13 miles to our destination at Innerleithen. This did not seem right looking at the map but nevertheless, we thought we better get a move on. We think the 13 miles must have meant there and back as six and a half miles later we had reached the outskirts of Innerleithen, having passed our cultural highlight of the day Traquir House, Scotland’s oldest inhabited house. It’s claim to fame being that it has been visited by 26 kings. The front gates were closed when Bonny Prince Charles died and will not be opened again until a Catholic monarch reigns in Scotland. No point sending for a locksmith yet then.

We often get offered lifts and today was no exception even having explained that we are walking from JOG to LE they still try and entice us into the car and look bemused when we politely decline. It always seems harder for Steve to refuse the lift than Lynn. 

Having nearly reached our destination, on what had been a very hot and humid day we were looking forward to a long cold drink when it suddenly went very dark, the heavens opened and the thunder echoed round the valley. We sat it out under trees for a while and then donned waterproofs and carried on. When we reached Innerleithen the scene that met us was a flooded High Street with running water half way up the wheels of cars. We splashed our way towards the campsite looking desperately for a B&B as it was still raining very heavily. Nothing appealed and we arrived at the campsite mentally rehearsing our ‘get the tent up in the pouring rain routine’. Fortunately Lynn had the good sense to ask if they had any pods and joy of joys they had one available and due to Lynn’s charm and Steve’s good looks we got a discount (or maybe the proprietor just took pity on the drowned rats making a puddle on the carpet in the site reception). Before we get accused of being soft the pod on this occasion is very basic it is just a timber tent with no beds or other furniture or fittings – but it is warm and dry. 

We passed the 400 mile mark and we are over a third of the way now and we are still talking to each other, but maybe not always listening. 


One thought on “25 West Linton to Innerleithen Monday 6 June”

  1. Pleased to see you have completed the 1st. 500 miles, and are both still in good working order.The thunder storm you had spoilt the run of good weather you are experiencing. We are expecting some heavy showers,tonight. Thanks for setting up the connection for Helen and Ian, they will be able to keep Mick and Mary up to date.


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