Day 29 Bryrness to Bellingham Friday 10 June

Distance 15.66 miles, cumulative 479.48 miles, time 6 hrs 15 mins, walking time 5hrs 15 mins, Pace 3 mph. Camped Demesne Farm.
A shorter day today through part of Kielder Forest and over moorland to Bellingham, the ‘capital of North Tyne’.

Kielder forest is the largest forest in Britain and one of the largest manmade forests in Northern Europe. The moorland was similar to Dartmoor with occasional granite outcrops. We did not get the best views as it remained misty all day.

We passed a total of seven walkers and we had a chat with some of them which explains our slower pace today. The walkers we chatted to were all walking the Pennine Way south to north. We expected a heavier footfall once we were on the PW but so far it has been very quiet.

We saw several deer.

Most importantly of all the coop in Bellingham stocked Ginger Nuts (see yesterday).

No mobile signal meant Steve had to get reacquainted with the frustrations of using a public phone box to book forward accommodation. No wonder so many phone boxes are vandalised.


5 thoughts on “Day 29 Bryrness to Bellingham Friday 10 June”

  1. You’re doing brilliantly. The scenery looks amazing! Lynn, happy special birthday. Spoil yourself ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜ xxx


  2. We visited Bellingham whilst on our recent honeymoon and used the same Co-op. We didn’t buy ginger biscuits though. It’s a shame the must hampered your views as Kielder forest is beautiful and the sights are stunning. The countryside all around Bellingham is lovely so Saturday should be great too. We’re away with the force life-saving team in Basildon so everyone sends their regards. They’re all curious to hear how you are getting on and hopefully a few will see you face to face when you get down to Devon and Cornwall. Have a great day ๐Ÿ‘


  3. Ditto, well done guys. Happy birthday Lynn, we hope you enjoyed the ginger nuts birthday biscuits? I think your photograph is of some hare’s tail grass!? So you should be hitting the 500 mile marker very soon which must mean there is another conveniently placed selfie to mark the occasion. Keep crunching the miles….and biscuits RG&A x


  4. Loving all your pics and updates. You are doing amazingly! Happy birthday Lynn, I will be raising a glass to you a bit later. Hope Steve spoils you today!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx


  5. You have finally arrived at Hadriens wall, you are doing so well. I hope you can cope with the change in the weather. Sarah and I have arrived at Sand Bay. The weather is good, and the camp is better than than we expected . There is a swimming pool,gym and entertainment .


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