Day 33 Alston to Dufton Tuesday 14 June

Distance 24.47 miles, cumulative 548.41 miles, time 8 hrs 50 mins, walking time 7 hrs 50 mins, pace 3.1 mph. Camped Grandie Caravan park.
We have had some outstanding breakfasts in B&Bs along the way but Celia put out the largest spread yet. We ate so much that Lynn wanted to return her lunch to the Coop to save carrying it. Even Steve, who usually wants biscuits after an hour of walking could not face food until well into the afternoon.

Fortunately for our digestive systems the first 5 miles to the pretty village of Garrigill were flat. After that we had 8 miles of steady climbing to Cross Fell accompanied by Curlews,  Lapwings, Plovers and Red Grouse. The fells we walked through were being managed for game shooting. At the summit the views were fantastic in particular towards The Lake District.

Today the clouds had lifted, the rain has stopped and we had scenery back. There was a rather elaborate stone shelter on Cross Fell and a large golf ball on another summit (Great Dun Fell) further along the ridge. We had a steady descent to the small village of Dufton. 

We met a few other walkers today, a pair of Australians who lived 4 hours west of Sydney but we did not clarify if that meant on foot, by car or flying. They were visiting for five and a half weeks to walk the Pennine and West Highland Ways.

We also bumped into two teachers by the golf ball who were planning to bring 75 kids from the nearest primary school up to visit it. It was at over 800 metres altitude, surrounded by sink holes, scree slopes and steep gullies – we wished them luck. They appeared to be heavily laden with Health and Safety assessment forms. 

Thanks to the latest solution to Steve’s load carrying conundrum suggested by Nikki. Steve spent most of the day pondering where he could obtain a llama. As it was his birthday Lynn decided not to point out the disadvantages (not many B&Bs or campsites would accommodate us all), she will save the bad news until tomorrow.

While we were walking today we received an email from our friend Al: 

Great offer Euro 2016 Final

Dear all,

A friend of mine has managed to obtain 2 tickets for the Euro 2016 final in Paris next month. Unfortunately, the date coincides with with his wedding, so he is unable to go. 

If you would like to go in his place, it is at St Luke’s church, Exeter and her name is Sarah. 



Made us chuckle and unusually for Al, an email we felt able to share.


One thought on “Day 33 Alston to Dufton Tuesday 14 June”

  1. Happy Birthday, I’m sure you will have a great day. You seem to have been swotting up on your bird identification . Pleased to see you are both well.
    Sarah and I had a trip to Bristol by bus today. The weather here also been quite good. Tomorrow is our last full day, Friday we travel back home.


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