Day 36 Bowes to Keld Friday 17 June

Distance 14.48 miles, cumulative 601.88 miles, time 5 hrs 55 mins, walking time 4 hrs 50 mins, pace 3 mph, camped Rukins Farm.
We left Bowes and County Durham behind us and entered England’s largest county, North Yorkshire. We squelched through the peat bogs and it was a relief to reach Great Britain’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn at 1,732 feet. For such a remote pub it was quite busy with lunchtime visitors. Famously, one New Year’s Eve customers got stranded there for 3 days – result!

We reached a few milestones today. We passed the 600 mile mark and started our 6th week on the walk, so 5 weeks completed and 5 to go. To celebrate and to keep Ryan, Geri and Alexander happy, we posed for a selfie at shooting butt number 5 on Tan Hill. We are masters of the selfie now.

At the halfway point our bodies and feet remain good and we have not fallen out, although that is largely due to Lynn’s patience and Steve’s tolerance or is it Lynn’s intolerance and Steve’s impatience? 

The weather remained overcast and after a brief bit of sunshine we pitched the tent at Keld and sat the rest of the drizzly day out.

Keld derives from the Norse for spring ‘kelda’ and was probably created as a village by Scandinavian settlers in the 9th century AD. Keld is the highest village in Swaledale, which is probably the loveliest of all the Dales. We do not stay in Swaledale for long tomorrow, as the PW leaves it, but when we walked Wainwright’s coast to coast trail many years ago we walked its length and enjoyed it’s scenery.


2 thoughts on “Day 36 Bowes to Keld Friday 17 June”

  1. Well done you guys 5 done 5 to go. Thank you for my Cumbrian birthday card, no chance for you to be like the cat on the front curled up on a cushion!! Love your daily blog, your are definitely honing those tech skills. Janvrin & boys


  2. Congratulations on your 600 miles and entering into your six week plod, albeit we know that you’re walking at more than a podding pace. We can’t decide in which photograph you’re taking the p**s more; Steve outside the pub or your selfie at butt number five! 😉 😉 that’s an interesting vehicle to make beer deliveries in, I bet the beer wasn’t cheap?


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