Day 57 Gordano to Congresbury – Friday 8 July

Distance 16.5 miles, cumulative 989.31 miles, time 7 hrs 30 mins, walking time 6 hrs 5 mins, pace 2.8 mph, Camped Oak Farm Touring Park
A wet start to the day, which soon improved and fortunately we had both recovered from yesterday’s epic march. Our route for the next few days is a bespoke route to link us up with the Macmillan Way West footpath over Exmoor and into Barnstaple from where we join familiar territory on the South West Coastal Footpath. 

We left Gordano and followed some less well used footpaths towards Cadbury Camp an ancient fort site with views down to Clevedon and Portishead. Some of the route we followed used the way marked footpaths of the ‘Gordano Round’ circular walk. We were surprised by the sight of two white rhinos grazing in a field, which we did not think were indigenous to Avon, but it transpired we were passing the ‘rear’ perimeter of Noah’s Ark Zoo at Moat House a popular tourist attraction. We followed Cadbury Camp Lane, a private road passing some very pricey real estate before dropping down on to the Somerset levels. 

Steve got excited when he thought he saw Llamas but they turned out to be Alpacas. although he was quite smitten with one of them.

The final few miles to Congresbury was along a disused railway, now a cycle way and footpath, called the Strawberry Line which will also take us towards Cheddar tomorrow. 

We spent the late afternoon in the sunshine watching the planes overhead on the flight path from Bristol airport. 


6 thoughts on “Day 57 Gordano to Congresbury – Friday 8 July”

  1. Steve and Lynn,
    Welcome back to the West country, you seem to have moved so very quickly since leaving Scotland, amazing that you will be in Cheddar tomorrow.
    We will try and RV with you in Devon or Cornwall, Wadebridge possibly?
    Keep blogging and jogging….
    Tim and Lois


  2. When you mention places such as Exmoor and Barnstaple you must think you are in your own back yard. You are doing very well, we are all very proud of you both.


  3. You are making fantastic progress and will pass the 100000000 mile mark on Saturday 2493… Great the bodies are (apparently) still holding up well. Everyone very impressed by the miles you are covering especially the 33+………. Nuts..!
    Oh, good news on your house….. We’ve (!!) been over to hoover your lawns which turned out to be easier than I had expected. The complete absence of grass meant that your now burnt out mower was not required..! However, I was going to strim along your wall but it appears the bricks have been stolen making this also unnecessary.
    On a positive note…. Bansky has been visiting Devon searching for dilapidated properties to decorate. Although the remains of yours are now sold, which Ryan informed you of, it seems it was a perfect project for him and the neighbours are bemused at the sight of the great Bard himself doing a moony out of your bedroom window….. We also thought it appropriate to ad a picture, although the lusty wench and weasle has caused some confusion…..!
    We, also, will try to catch up with you shortly if I don’t get a days work this month….
    Jr & Miss Sam….x


  4. Hello!! Just been told about your walk and wow, amazing feat!!!

    Keep going, this truly must be a once in a lifetime experience!!

    I will check back regularly!!


  5. Pleased it continues to go well, although astonished over your crazy 33 mile day. It must feel like the end is in sight and that you’ve broken the back of the walk. The week ahead looks reasonable so hopefully you will have an enjoyable time in the South-West. Everything appears to be good for the rest of us although it’s not been that sociable. I feel a BBQ coming on, it’s a shame you’re not about next Saturday… See you soon 😊👍


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