Day 58 Congresbury to Bridgwater – Saturday 9 July

Distance 28.34 miles, cumulative 1,017.65 miles, time 11 hrs 05 mins, walking time 9 hrs 5 mins, pace 3.1 mph, Camped Follet’s Farm
We started the day on the Strawberry Line cycle way which is named after Cheddar’s ‘famous’ strawberries – although nowhere near as famous as the cheese. The original GWR railway closed in 1965 and used to carry strawberries, dairy produce and stone.

We walked through Thatchers Cider apple orchards – not ready to pick yet.

The line passed through a tunnel and eventually reached Axbridge, a pretty little town which most people will bypass as they travel to Bristol Airport.

We skirted Cheddar Reservoir and got into the heart of the Somerset Levels where we clocked up 1,000 miles and celebrated with our first proper selfie, but when we looked at the photo we had been photo bombed by a horse.

We criss crossed the Levels on paths, disused railways, tracks and minor roads, some of which were very straight and very long.

The day was humid and the wind warm. It stayed dry and after another fairly long day we crossed the M5 via a footbridge and reached Bridgwater.

We added a few miles to our original plan today to leave ourselves with a shorter day tomorrow as we start to cross Exmoor.

Ryan will be pleased. We went into Bridgwater and walked into what we thought was a Wetherspoons but it was a copy cat, a very convincing one – The Cornhill, one of the Stonegate companies pubs.


4 thoughts on “Day 58 Congresbury to Bridgwater – Saturday 9 July”

  1. Well done, congratulations to you both on completeing 1000 miles in the 58 days. I’m sure you are very pleased with yourselves. Loved the photo of you with the horse.
    Better warn you a lynx has escaped from Dartmoor Zoo. It goes by the name of Flaviu and is about the same size as a small Labrador dog.Don’t try to do any selfie photos. It escapes on Wednesday , so it must be very hungry now.


  2. Congratulations to you both on completeing 1000 miles in 58 days. Well done, you should be very pleased with yourselves . Liked the photo of you both with the horse. Neither of you look as if you have been walking for the last 58 days
    Better warn you a Lynx about the size of a small Labrador has escaped from Dartmoor Zoo. Devon and Cornwall Police state that the animal should not be approached. We know you like to photograph animals you meet suggest you keep your distance from this one.


  3. Yaaaay! Well done for the big 1,000 miles!
    They have put out humane traps for the Lynx, you might find a good use for one Lynn, if you see one.. ๐Ÿ˜†
    Good news for British sport today.. Tennis, F1 and Le Tour and Griff won age group in aquathlon in Plymouth (4th overall). And that horrid Ronaldo got stretchered off too!
    Keep going strong โ›บ๏ธ๐Ÿž๐ŸŒ…๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒ 


  4. Very little danger of Steve & Lynn being eaten by the Lynx, the rumour is that they haven’t had a shower in 60 days. Thanks for the first proper selfie, well done on the 1000 mile point a massive achievement. Also, that was some serious back to back walking days. Paula has briefed you on the sport and I’ve thought about updating you on political movements over the last week but unfortunately (or not) there is a word limit of 1,000,000. Who knows by the time you finish Jr could be the new PM, to be fair he can normally sort world divisions and economics whilst getting changed out of his swimming trunks….


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