LEJOG 2022 Day 2 Botallack to Gwithian 19.24 miles cumulative 27.62

We survived the first night of camping , a cold night so we layered up with clothes, hats and gloves, inside our sleeping bags. All quiet on the campsite as unsurprisingly we were the only campers there. There were a few people in static caravans who offered to lend us a kettle, not sure where we would plug it in, but it was a nice thought.

It was nice to wake up to a few comments on our Blog, a particular surprise to hear from a couple we met briefly at a B & B on the Great Glen when we were walking JOGLE in 2016, if we remember correctly, at South Lagan. Any comments in the Blog help us to remain positive when the going gets tough, so please keep posting.

The walk today was through ‘proper’ Kernow. Fields full of unpicked daffodils, remains of the tin mining industry (Steve likes saying ‘Poldark’ in a mock Cornish accent) and strange standing stones and circles. Steve found a pack animal for his rucksack but Lynn vetoed it.

Different views for us, as usually we follow the coast path up through Cornwall and Devon but we decided to try an inland route, which delivered glorious views of both the north and south coasts. Dry all day until we reached Lelant.

In 2016 we used paper maps and posted maps ahead to a number of campsites. This time we are trying to navigate using the Ordnance Survey map app on an iPhone. Steve preloaded all the routes and we follow ‘the line’. So far, charging the phone and power bank hasn’t been an issue. We will see.

This evening at Gwithian Farm campsite which is a lovely well kept site and came with a warm welcome but wet weather.


6 thoughts on “LEJOG 2022 Day 2 Botallack to Gwithian 19.24 miles cumulative 27.62”

  1. Doing good the both of you, been waiting for you to finish so I could read the blog, go quicker tomorrow so I don’t have to wait as long. Kai playing in Yaiza tonight, 8-30 KO.


  2. Well done, great to read about your adventure!
    Rob and I are taking on the Exe to Axe tomorrow so spare a thought for us running along the coastal path 😀 and we will think of you when we’re at home in the evening 😉


  3. What a shame you encountered liquid sunshine today…. I guess it won’t be the last time on your walk 😉.
    What a waste of daffodils….., no one to
    pick them….


  4. Gwithian Farm…I know it well as an old school friend of mine lived there and we travelled on the same bus each day to school at Penzance together.
    I used to love walking over the old Penwith moors you walked over today. Plenty of stone stiles.


  5. Following your blog – interesting as always. Look forward to seeing you later in April as you pass through Alrewas.


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