Day 3 Gwithian to Carnon Downs 18.99 miles. Cumulative 46.61miles

Another very cold night and we woke up to ice on the tent. The drinking water taps on the campsite were also frozen, fortunately we had filled our water bottles the previous evening.

A false start to the day when we followed a footpath only to reach a farmers hand painted ‘no right of way’ sign.

The campsite proprietor had mentioned an awkward farmer closing a path the evening before but it didn’t register that it was the path we were due to take. Note to listen to local knowledge in future. Two kilometres later and we were back at the campsite.

Having found an alternative route, we rejoined our original route just outside Camborne.

We do like a Wetherspoons and the ‘The John Francis Basset’ in Camborne, right on the route, didn’t disappoint for a mid morning extra breakfast. It’s in a building which was the old Market House and is topped by a clock tower said to be a replica of Big Ben.

‘This train don’t stop Camborne Wednesdays’ nor Sundays. RIP Jethro. If you don’t get the reference then look it up on You Tube.

The remainder of our route followed National Cycle Route 2 along minor roads, disused railways and bridle paths, passing through Camborne and Redruth, a couple of the poorer areas in Cornwall, a real contrast to the wealthier coastal towns.

Part of the cycle trail took us through Wheal Maid Valley Mines. During the 18th & 19th Century it was the largest copper mine in the world and was the richest square mile on earth. The mines were 200 meters below ground and the workers accessed them by ladder.

Our accommodation tonight is the Premier Inn at Carnon Downs as there was no camping available. A night of luxury.


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