Day 4 Carnon Downs to St Columb Major22.84 Miles. Cumulative 69.45 miles

After a comfy nights sleep we were re- charged and ready to go again – at least, our phones, charging banks and Lynn’s Garmin were.

We have to survive until Saturday now without any guaranteed charging facilities available. Today we will resort to using our printed maps to preserve power.

After what turned out to be a lovely spring day yesterday, we emerge from the Premier Inn to a drizzly, overcast morning.

Our route today continued along National Cycle Trail (NCT) 3 to Truro and then we picked up NCT 32. For most of the day the route followed minor roads.

On the way into Truro we chatted to a lady who’s husband had cycled LEGOJ a few years ago and she asked where we were headed today and jokingly suggested we took the Number 85 bus, we saw said bus 4 hours later when we stopped for lunch.

Truro was bustling with activity and our route took us passed the Weatherspoons and the Cathedral both of which we resisted.

We had planned to camp near Newquay, but following last year’s growth in ‘staycations’ the campsites we looked at were only accepting bookings of a minimum of three nights, therefore we had a long days walk to St Columb Major.

Lappa Valley narrow gauge railway

It turned out to be a ‘grey day’ all round, it remained wet and overcast all day and the route was without much of interest and views were obliterated by the low clouds.

Camping tonight also turned out rather grey. We filled in the online check and got lots of info including details of an outdoor swimming pool opening in May, it all sounded rather grand. It turned out to be a predominantly residential site for local workers. On a positive note there were nice hot showers

Our tent pitch is in the flight path for Newquay airport and a very large military plane appeared low overhead as we pitched the tent, our main bit of excitement for the day.

St Columb Major is shut on a Monday, there are three pubs, either shut or not serving food, so fish and chips tonight.


One thought on “Day 4 Carnon Downs to St Columb Major22.84 Miles. Cumulative 69.45 miles”

  1. And they’re off….sorry 4 days late to the blog. So in short Steve stole a dog, Lynn’s not to be trusted to charge the electronics, second day in and Steve’s yet again fallen in love with a Lama or an Alpaca or perhaps both. I seem to recall this happened 5 years ago!

    Hun, they’re at it again! “What and who”. “Steve and Lynn, JOGLE in reverse”. “We’re not going to John O’Groats to watch them finish”.


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