LEJOG Day 6 – Wadebridge to Camelford 15.97 miles Cumulative 99.95 miles

A very windy night with a few showers and the forecast for today was 100% chance of rain. It remained windy but we only had a couple of light showers.

The first of the showers provided some confusion for Steve and a bit of laughter from both, but especially from Lynn. Steve decided to put on his waterproof trousers but was flummoxed when they wouldn’t go beyond his thighs. Although we try and avoid wearing matching kit, our trousers are very similar and had got mixed up in the tent. Neither had realised, and Lynn had been wearing the wrong trousers from the outset. Lynn normally wears THE trousers.

We climbed out of Wadebridge to St Maby and dropped down to Helland Bridge to join the Camel Trail.

Fortunately open to pedestrians

Many will know the Camel Trail, a cycle route running alongside the River Camel.

All the publicity pamphlets state it runs from Padstow to Bodmin. However it extends beyond Bodmin to Wenford Bridge near St.Breward.

At Wenford Bridge, in addition to bike hire is a lovely cafe ‘Snails Pace’ an off grid eco cafe which did good locally sourced food. In addition to a warm welcome we enjoyed tea and scones and a welcome sit down.

Snails Pace Cafe

Tonight we are camping at Cherry Cottage, just outside Camelford

Camelford was the location of a water contamination incident in 1988 when 20 tons of aluminium sulphate was poured into the wrong tank at the waterworks. The worst drinking water contamination incident in British history.


4 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 6 – Wadebridge to Camelford 15.97 miles Cumulative 99.95 miles”

  1. Brilliant image described there of Steve trying to contort himself into Lynn’s waterproofs. We note too the need to take another Alpaca photo 👀 I can’t help but feel you needed to walk another 0.05 miles today.


  2. Well done on reaching Devon on schedule in the poor weather. Looking forward to joining you for a day when you reach The North East. Just to rub it in we are basking in 40% heat in Aswan drinking cocktails and watching boats on the Nile.


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