LEJOG Day 7 Camelford to Holsworthy 25.34 miles. Cumulative 125.29 miles

A very windy night last night. We woke to scattered clouds and sunshine and it stayed windy all day, with some long sunny spells.

A couple of mini milestones today. The first achieved before we had left the campsite – reaching 100 miles. 

The second came late in the day when we crossed the border from Cornwall into Devon. Lynn’s home county and Steve’s adopted county for the past 38 years, he still can’t speak the language. No signs to mark the county boundary on the minor road we were on, but there was a NCT commemorative stone at the border.

We followed NCT3 for most of the day, the exception was a short stretch across Davidstow Moor Airfield a World War 2 airbase for the RAF and Canadian Airforce. More recently used for microlight flying.

Near Davidstowe we passed a livestock auctioneers which was busy with cattle and sheep trucks going in and out.

A little further down the road a pick up stopped level with us and the farmer behind the wheel said ‘Ewe han’t sin no cows has ee. Thase escaped from back of market’. Once Lynn had translated for Steve we both answered ‘No’. The road was busy with search parties. This ‘incident’ meant Lynn had to endure Steve whistling and humming the theme tune from ‘The Great Escape’ for the rest of the day. No burgers this evening.

Pub at Bridgerule by the River Tamar

Camping tonight at Noteworthy Farm, too far to walk to Holsworthy after a long day, so we are cooking at the tent for the first time


6 thoughts on “LEJOG Day 7 Camelford to Holsworthy 25.34 miles. Cumulative 125.29 miles”

  1. I can’t believe you are already 7 days in and still (almost) speaking to each other! Welcome to Devon both xxx


  2. Loving your Devonian accent there Steve, well done. Finished reading your 2016 JOGLE – very entertaining and inspiring. Pleased to see you included a photo of the church in Bideford where Chris was christened and her Mum and Dad were married. Sad to see the dilapidated hotel in front of it though. Trying to remember the name of it, maybe the Torridge Hotel? Anyway, if your route takes you through Bideford again in the next few days we’d love to see an updated photo in the hope that it’s been restored to it’s former glory in the intervening six years. You’re doing really well especially considering you’re not really acclimatised to the English weather anymore. It’s still a bit chilly here in Lanzarote but I guess it’s all relative. Paolo sends his regards, he thinks you’re both mad but he wishes you well. Keep on trekking!


  3. Awesome work so far guys, just caught up with your 1st 7 days of LEJOG and loved reading your journey thus far, bootcamp was really tough this week (there was the odd obligatory curse) we all miss you both and send well wishes and dry weather your way, as Chris said above the weather here is pretty inconsistent at the moment so your not missing too much 😜
    We will be thinking of you both during TREK N BREK tomorrow which is a nice route from Zonzomas toward Tahiche and back.
    Stay safe & keep trekking 🖖 💓


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